NETFLIX Genre: New Zealand Movies

Netflix box art for Black Sheep Black Sheep
2006 / 86

On a quiet New Zealand ranch, a genetic experiment has gone horribly wrong, transforming a calm flock of sheep into killers hungry for human blood.

Netflix box art for Boy Boy
2010 / 87

An 11-year-old boy and his younger brother see their rich fantasy lives stopped cold when their father returns home after years away.

Netflix box art for Eagle vs. Shark Eagle vs. Shark
2007 / 87

Oddball Jarrod is blind to awkward Lily's affection for him, until a plan to exact revenge on Jarrod's high school foe brings the misfits together.

Netflix box art for Housebound Housebound
2014 / 106

A troubled young woman is convicted of petty crimes and placed under house arrest in the home of her strange family and a bunch of evil spirits.

Netflix box art for Love Birds Love Birds
2011 / 101

Recently dumped and wallowing in self-pity, Doug decides to nurse an injured duck back to health with the assistance of Holly, an eccentric vet. Trouble getting romance to fly? A new feathered friend might be just the thing for this broken-hearted bachelor.

Netflix box art for The Warrior's Way Warrior's Way, The
2010 / 100

Fugitive Asian assassin Yang journeys from the Far East to the Wild West, where he holes up in a tiny town in the American badlands. Asian assassins hide out in a Western ghost town. Don't look now, but those ninjas mean you've been followed.

Netflix box art for The World's Fastest Indian World's Fastest Indian, The
2005 / 121

Based on actual events, a quirky 67-year-old grandfather attempts to break speed records on his customized Indian Scout motorcycle. He and his bike are both a little over the hill. But that doesn't stop them from making the journey of a lifetime.